Ido B Zooki are Ido Ben Dov & Tzook Algazi .

both grew up in Modi'in a town in Israel , Beside being best friend from junior high
they are producers , preformers , vocalists , writers and Dj's from Tel Aviv, Israel .
Back in the days Ido was the school Dj , and Tzook use to play around with Fruity Loops 7 at home
they lived one block away from each other so during high school time they have spent most of their time at their home studio .
The duo that started their musical jurney back in 2009 when they started to play at clubs
across the country and gaining a large fanbase by releasing hit songs via their socials.
Over the years the Ido B Zooki produced records across wide range of musical genres .
It started with House Music in 2012 , when they lunched "Crazy Shit"
- witch was a major hit and after that "Yokozuna" came along and smashed venues all across the planet.

With time they boys started to feel like the "indusrty" that they grew up listening to is repeated itselves .

Zooki : "it Has always been our musical agenda was to "integrate".
To find harmony and balance in every genre and create a multicolored collage so in every track will be a surprise"
Ido " We Must shatter this recycling of the EDM . we believe the listener. Must receive more changes, more twists in the plot when he listens to a Track"

So they dug deeper. And decided it was time to increase the speed and without planning anything and
just from the gaming and mashing between Hardstyle , Hip Hop , Ethnic music & experience new ways of recording - a new genre was born for Ido B & Zooki .

thats includes hits like "Zooloo" , "Pufin Marleys" , "Pumpy" , "The Force" .. These all with one common denominator - divesatility .

The boys true power is revealed when watching them live .
They can fit into any environment with speakers and audience whether it's a festiival stage , Dark Nightclub or even a school prom ..
The way they combine different music styles in addition to a live vocal performance sweep the fans of their feet every time
Ido : " we will give them what they like and did not think they like our special way. "